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Important notice to iOS5 customers:

We will shortly be making an update to the Sky Go iOS app. Following this update, iPhones and iPads running iOS5 will no longer be supported. The app will remain available for these devices until we need to carry out a change to the service that would require a forced app upgrade. After this, you will need to use a device that can support iOS6 or above and update to this to continue to use the service.

Important Sky Go Information:

As of 24th June, catch up entertainment shows will no longer be available to rent via Sky Go or on Xbox. All rentals prior to this date will continue to be available for the period stated at the point of purchase.

1) What is Sky Go?

Sky Go gives you access to a great range of live and on demand shows and movies on your iOS device (also available on PC, Xbox and selected Android devices). If you're a Sky TV customer, you can watch any of the channels you subscribe to that are available in the Sky Go app at no extra cost. You'll also find a great library of On Demand content to access wherever and whenever it suits you within the UK and Ireland.

2) What is Sky Go Extra?

Sky Go Extra allows you to download TV shows and Movies to watch offline without a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G signal and register up to four devices. For Sky TV customers only, content available depends on your package. Sky Movies Pack required to download movies. Visit the Sky Go website for more information. After your free trial you will continue to receive Sky Go extra at £5 per month extra unless you provide 31 days' notice of cancellation.

3) How do I sign in to watch the live channels on Sky Go?

All you need is a Sky iD username and password that has been linked to your Sky TV account. If you have not linked your account, you can do this by signing in to your Sky Go account. If you do not already have a Sky iD, you can create one by visiting the Sky iD registration page.

4) What devices can I use to access Sky Go content?

With Sky Go you can register up to two devices per household and watch on both at the same time. Your devices can be any combination of PCs, Macs, iPhones (3GS/4/4S/5), iPod touch (4th/5th Gen), iPads and selected Android devices. If you 'd like to change your registered devices you can do so once per calendar month. For details on how to manage and register your devices you can visit our Device Management page.

5) How do I know when I've registered a device?

A device will automatically be registered to your Sky Go account when you first sign in and select a show or movie to watch. You can check which devices you have registered by visiting Manage Devices in the app Settings section.

6) How do I set my PIN control for Sky Go?

If you wish to set your PIN for Sky Go please visit Sky Go online and access the Settings menu.

7) How can I choose to watch through a Wi-Fi connection only?

You can turn off your 3G connection by entering the Settings menu in the Sky Go app and switching '3G Connection' to off.

8) How can I check how much data I've used?

To find out how much 3G/4G data you are using please check with your mobile network operator.

9) How can I check what my data allowance is?

To find out your monthly data allowance, please check with your mobile network operator.

10) How much data will I use watching Sky Go through a 3G/4G connection?

Typically watching live content through Sky Go will use approximately 110Mb every 10 minutes of a continuous streaming. This figure is based on a higher quality stream. We recommend that you contact your mobile network operator for more information.

11) Why do I get a '3G Network usage is disabled ' error message?

Your '3G Connection' will be switched to off. To change this visit Settings>3G Connetion within the app.

12) Why am I getting an "Unable to register this device" message?

You have reached your maximum number of two registered Sky Go devices. You can change to a different device once per calendar month by visiting Manage Devices within the app (Settings> Manage Devices), or you can add two additional devices per month by subscribing to Sky Go Extra.

13) Why am I getting a "You need xxxx pack to watch this channel" message after I have logged in?

If you have linked your account and you are still seeing this message your Sky TV subscription does not include the channel you are trying to watch.

14) Why am I getting a "Temporary Streaming Error" message?

There may be a problem with your Wi-Fi connection or 3G coverage, or there may be some temporary technical issues with the Service. Please check our Service Status page for more information.

15) Why am I getting an "Incorrect Details" message?

You have entered incorrect login details when accessing the Service. Check that you are using the correct Sky iD and password. Your password is case sensitive, so ensure that caps lock is turned off and that you are inserting the correct characters. If you have forgotten your Sky iD just visit just visit the Forgotuser name page and If you have Forgotten your password just visit forgot password page. To create a Sky iD please go here.

PLEASE NOTE: You will also see this message if you have a special character in your password (for example "w@lcome"). Simply change your Sky iD password so that it only contains alphanumeric characters. You can change your password by signing in to your Sky Go account and visiting Account & Settings. If the problem persists please contact our Customer Service Team.

16) Why am I getting 'No Wi-Fi available' message?

Please check your Wi-Fi coverage as there may be a problem with the connection (eg: you may be out of range of the Wi-Fi network or your Wi-Fi connection may be temporarily down). If you are a Sky Broadband customer you can find help with connection issues by visiting the broadband section of Sky Help centre.

17) Where can I watch Sky Go?

You can access Sky Go anywhere in the UK or Ireland as long as you have a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.

If you have linked your account and you are still seeing this message your Sky TV subscription does not include the channel you are trying to watch.

18) What are the minimum software and connectivity requirements for Sky Go on Ios devices?

You must have iOS version 5.1 or above installed on your mobile device and have continuous Wi-Fi or 3G coverage to stream content on Sky Go. Minimum continuous bandwidth of 500kb per second is recommended for Wi-Fi connectivity on iPhone/iPod touch and 2MB per second for iPad).

19) Why am I experiencing a loss in streaming quality?

Streaming quality can vary depending on the strength of Wi-Fi or 3G/4G bandwidth available. In an effort to minimise disruption to the live streams when bandwidth signal drops, we offer a wide range of adaptive bitrates, including an audio-only stream for very weak signals, which are automatically detected to deliver you the best possible viewing experience available.

20) Why am I experiencing buffering?

Buffering may occur if there is insufficient bandwidth available to stream our content. If you are experiencing continued buffering problems over Wi-Fi we recommend you contact your broadband provider to ensure that your Wi-Fi settings have been optimised. If you are a Sky Broadband customer you can find help on improving your broadband speed by visiting the broadband section of the Sky Help Centre. If the problem still persists, please check the Service Status page for more info.

Technical Errors:

Sorry, the app can't play the video you requested. Whenever you update Sky Go, please open the app initially with a good internet connection before trying to play video. (Error Code 5).
This error occurs when the Sky Go app is updated to a newer version and a user then attempts to watch their downloaded content in Offline mode or in poor connectivity. Once the app has updated, the device needs to be ‘activated’ while you have a good internet connection and are in the UK before you can watch your downloaded content. If you are travelling abroad you should avoid updating your app, otherwise you may not be able to watch your downloads until you return to the UK.

Unable to stream over 3G
If you are unable to stream over 3G and you see the following error message “Unable to connect – Please reset your network settings to use Sky Go on 3G”, there are three potential scenarios you can try to resolve this issue. These are:

If you encounter any issues with the Sky Go app for iPad and iPhone or you need further assistance, please email apps@bskyb.com and mention "Sky Go app" and the model or version of iPad or iPhone you're using in the subject line and we'll try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.